Discounted extra baggage

Discounted extra baggage (XBo)

The Extra Baggage Option is another new creative product offering from InselAir to enable you to make your journey more enjoyable and stress-free; especially when you need to have luggage that exceeds the standard baggage allowance for your journey. InselAir is offering this product at a much lower price compared to regular prices. So you can now plan your travel with less worries taking along all the materials you need for your meetings or your personal items for your family's vacation. This service is offered by InselAir in conjunction with Optiontown. Please visit to view weights and charges for your flight.

To request your extra baggage:

  • Book your economy class ticket.
  • Visit
  • Select Xtra Baggage Option (Xbo).
  • Enter your Booking Reference, Last Name and E-mail to retrieve your booking information.
  • Select the flight for which you would like to get Xbo.
  • Pay a small Sign-up fee (USD1) and the Xtra Baggage Option Price.
  • You will receive an e-mail prior to your departure notifying you whether your XBo is successful. If it is not possible to offer you the extra baggage option, the Xtra Baggage Price will be automatically refunded to you within five business days subsequent to your departure.