Discounted tickets with flight pass

Flight Pass Option (FPo)

Flight Pass Option (FPo) - Experience the new way of travel! Flight Pass Option is a revolutionary product that empowers you to buy multiple flights as per your own schedule at great discounts. With this new product you save a great deal of time, money and effort. InselAir in cooperation with Optiontown brings you Flight Pass Option to widen your possibilities to fly.

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Flight Pass* – Minimize Travel Costs. Maximize Convenience!

  1. Up to 50% Savings: Save up to 50% on your ticket cost when compared with buying a single ticket.
  2. Flight Booking Convenience: Easy to book flights at your desire. No more worrying about high fares.
  3. No more deal hunting: No need to hunt for new deals every time you wish to fly.
  4. Multiple Destinations: Fly to multiple destinations using a single Flight Pass.
  5. Group Sharing: Share your Flight Pass with your family/friends/colleagues/others.
  6. Personalized Pass: Customize your flight pass to perfectly match your own requirements.

Flight Pass Option: Air Travel without Restrictions

Ever wished to have a power to book flights without worrying about constantly changing fares and availability? Flight Pass Option, makes it actually possible for you and scores ten-on-ten on your travel wish-list.

Let's take a quick look to know how:

  1. Do I save on my air-fare? Yes, you save upto 50% on your fare price.
  2. Does it make the browsing and flight booking process even more efficient? You save a great deal of time and effort by customizing many prospective flights at once.
  3. To what extent can I customize my travel with it? You can select the desired place, date, time and number of users for multiple flights with it at once.
  4. Can I share it with my family and friends? Of course, you can share it with all the members mentioned in your User list.

You want to buy one but don't know how?

Let us guide you through it. You can get the Flight Pass of your choice in three easy steps.

  1. Log on to and click on ‘Buy Flight Pass’ tab.
  2. Fill in the required details and click on the customization options of your choice.
  3. Customize, review and hit ‘Buy’. Within few seconds you will be the official owner of Optiontown’s revolutionary Flight Pass.

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* Disclaimer: Rules and Regulations for Flight Pass will vary on the basis of your selection. For more information visit: