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Status of InselAir schedule interruption 15th of November 2018

Status of InselAir Schedule Interruption – 15 November 2018

Over the past 24 hours since unplanned aircraft maintenance caused
InselAir to cancel flights through Friday, November 16th, our teams have
been working to transport all affected passengers as quickly and
efficiently as possible. With the assistance of the management team of
St. Maarten Airport, our maintenance teams are ensuring that InselAir’s
aircraft will meet all local and international operating standards, as well
as our own high standards of complete safety for our crew, and
especially our valued customers.

With the help and cooperation of WinAir, KLM, Divi Divi, and Aruba
Airlines, we have been able to confirm transportation for over 85% of our
customers and are working to ensure that every single InselAir customer
gets to where they need to go. Passengers traveling between Aruba,
Curacao, and Bonaire are asked to arrive at the airport at your
scheduled time unless otherwise notified by phone or e-mail. Passengers
to or from St. Maarten will be contacted; however, the flight from St.
Maarten to Curacao on Friday is scheduled to operate.

Our call center, ticket offices and airport offices are currently focused on
reaching out to all the passengers we have not yet been able to
accommodate, so we please ask that you visit our website, flyinselair.
com, or follow us on Facebook for the most current information.