• InselAir prepares for the future

    09-12-2016 - Currently, InselAir has a large amount USD stuck in Venezuela. Although negotiations have been going in on a continued bases, the outstanding amount has created pressure on the organization to the extent that InselAir had to adjust its business operations to remain a financially healthy organization. read more

  • Cooperation between InselAir and KLM has been restored

    05-12-2016 - Cooperation between the local aviation company InselAir and the Dutch airline KLM has been restored in the form of an interline agreement. read more

  • 13th Annual ALTA Airline Leaders Forum Wraps Up in Mexico City

    18-11-2016 - 17-Nov-2016 10 years ago ALTA airlines promised doubling of traffic, they delivered, and are ready to double again, but need governments to do their part this time. read more

  • InselAir in challenging times

    28-10-2016 - InselAir in challenging times

    Customers who have recently made use of InselAir services have possibly experienced delays and, in some situations, flight cancellation. InselAir acknowledges the problems and offers their sincere apologies to those who have, in one way or another, been affected. We understand the frustrations and the inconveniences that this has caused.

    read more

  • Passenger alert: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prohibited on all InselAir's flights.

    16-10-2016 - As per October 15, 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time (ETD) passengers are not allowed to bring any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device on their person, in carry-on baggage, in checked baggage, or as cargo. read more