Special assistance

Wheel chair service is FREE of charge and your personal wheelchair is included on top of your regular baggage allowance. Always inform your travel agent, reservation agent or InselAir Customer Service Department at the time of reservation that you will require wheel chair service.

Wheelchair service
InselAir offers different categories of wheelchair services.

  • If passenger can walk short distances, the passenger will receive the WCHR service
  • If passenger can walk short distances but cannot negotiate stairs, the passenger will receive the WCHS service
  • If passenger cannot walk and must be lifted into the aircraft and into their seat, the passenger will receive the WCHC service. Passenger MUST fill in the Medical Information form when requesting this service
  • When traveling with your own wheel chair, your Wheelchair will be tagged at check-in and taken at the door of the aircraft when boarding and loaded to your destination
  • If carry on / Carry of service is wanted; this must be requested at reservation and the Medical Information Form must be filled in.

Customer Service Department

  • Call center (+599) 9 737 0444
    Daily from 8AM-5PM

  • Call center USA (+1) 855 493 6004
    Daily from 8AM-5PM

    Our Customer service department is open MON-FRI from 8AM-5PM

  • Email address - customerrelations@fly-inselair.com