Terms & conditions

General Terms and Conditions Insel StarMiles Program. In effect as of June 15th, 2011
Updated February 2016

Definitions (in alphabetical order)

“Bonus Miles”: miles received other than the regularly earned miles according to the StarMiles Rules and Regulations.  

“Date of registration”: the day InselAir has confirmed the registration application of an individual.

“General terms and conditions”: the general terms of the StarMiles program.

“InselAir”: Insel Air International B.V. a private limited liability company established in Curacao, registered at the Curacao chamber of Commerce under number 64577 having its business address at Dokweg 19, Maduro Plaza Curaçao, or InselAir Aruba N.V. a public limited liability company established in Aruba, registered at the Aruba Chamber of Commerce under number 38516 having its business address at Wayaca 31A, Oranjestad, Aruba, hereinafter to be referred to as “InselAir’

“Insel StarMiles rewards”: rewards that are available at InselAir. Insel StarMiles rewards are airline tickets or other extra services available for selected members within the Insel StarMiles program.

 “Member”: a participant of the Insel StarMiles program, who has successfully registered and has obtained a valid Insel StarMiles membership number. Only members of the Insel StarMiles program can benefit from its advantages.


“Membership card” and “card”: a membership card distributed by InselAir to the applicable members. 


“Miles”: miles hold a value for the member. A mile is measured as a unit of distance flown with InselAir.


“Program”: the Insel StarMiles program will be referred to as the “program”. Introduced by InselAir in 2010, the program intends to reward frequent flyers of InselAir.


“Raffle on Board”: an on board raffle program for all the passengers on board of InselAir airplane to have a chance to win part of or full their ticket back in miles. ( no raffle on board until further notice )


“Rewards”: a reward within the program obtained by exchanging miles from a members account to InselAir.


“Tier”: The program consists of 4 tier levels. Each tier with their own benefits

  • “Blue”
    The first tier level within the program. Members of the program will be automatically allocated to the blue tier. Advantages for a blue tier member will be communicated on the InselAir website and other publications.
  • “Silver”
    The second tier level within the program. A member will be eligible for advantages when he/she has flown yearly; 25,000 miles, or 20 flights one way. Advantages for a Silver tier member will be communicated on the InselAir website and other publications.
  • “Gold”
    The third tier level within the program. A member will be eligible for advantages when he/she has flown yearly; 35,000 miles, or 30 flights one way. Advantages for a Gold tier member will be communicated on the InselAir website and other publications.
  • “Diamond”
    The fourth and highest tier level within the program. A member will be eligible for advantages when he/she has flown yearly; 45,000 miles, or 45 flights one way. Advantages for a Diamond tier member will be communicated on the InselAir website and other publications.

1.         General Terms

1.1.1    Applicable Law

This agreement shall be interpreted and implemented in accordance with the law of Curacao, or any other law form, which may substitute.


1.1.2    Modification and Suspension Rights

InselAir reserves the right to modify or suspend the Insel StarMiles program, or any aspect thereof, without prior notice; and/or cancel the program in its entirety with three months’ notice to active members.

InselAir reserves the right to cease mailing of the Insel StarMiles program updates and related materials to any member who has not accumulated Mileage for a 12 month period. No Insel StarMiles information shall be forwarded to dormant or inactive members. Cities served and flight schedules may be changed or cancelled at any time at the discretion of InselAir and Insel StarMiles, with or without notice.

InselAir and the Insel StarMiles program reserve the right to exclude certain fares, rates, services and/or programs from earning Miles. Insel StarMiles participation is subject to all laws, government or other regulatory rules, policies, procedures and requirements as applicable from time to time.


1.1.3 Suspension Rights

The company will undertake reasonable efforts to inform members prior of their suspension of the program.

 1.1.4 Variation, Cancellation and Waiver

InselAir shall be entitled to amend or revise the Insel StarMiles program terms and conditions at any time. No contract varying, adding to, deleting from or cancelling of this agreement (and no waiver of any right under this agreement) may be claimed by the member unless such is in writing and is signed by or on behalf of InselAir  by a duly authorized representative.

 1.1.5 Lost Insel StarMiles card

Lost Insel StarMiles and/or destroyed Insel StarMiles cards will only be replaced upon payment of an administration fee of ANG. 25,00. 

 1.1.6    Account / Miles expiration

Miles accrued shall be subject to expiration if an account has been given the status of inactive. An account can become inactive if no activity has been registered for a period of 24 months. Activity is defined as any type of transactions relating to travel on InselAir. In cases where miles are for any reason removed from an account, such as the redemption of rewards, and later returned, the re-deposit of the miles to the account shall not be considered as account activity. All arrangements made will be final.

 1.1.7 Inactive Membership

If no miles are credited or debited to your account in a consecutive 24-month period your account will be considered inactive.
NOTE: If InselAir shall improperly fail to issue miles or to issue rewards, their liability will be limited to issuance of comparable rewards or miles.

1.1.8 Deceased Insel StarMiles Members

Rewards and accrued miles are not transferable upon death. Consequently, upon receipt by InselAir of the information of the member’s death, his/her membership will become inactive and the account reverts to InselAir per immediate effect.

 1.1.9 Transfer of Miles

Rewards and accrued miles are not transferable in the following situations:

  • Upon death
  • As part of a division of the marital or other registered partnership community property
  • Miles won with the Raffle on Board
  • Otherwise by operation of law

 1.1.10 Shared Membership

Shared membership is not allowed. Consequently rewards and accrued miles are not transferable as part of a division of the marital or other registered partnership community property.

 1.1.11 No Representations

Members may not rely on any representation or term expressed, understood or implied, which allegedly induced them to become a member of the Insel StarMiles program, unless such representation is recorded herein or in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative on behalf of InselAir.

 1.1.12 Cession

Members may not cede their rights nor delegate their obligations at any time.

 1.1.13 Name and Address Changes

Members shall be responsible to advise InselAir of any change of address. Please submit the following:

1. Name.

2. Account number.

3. Passport details

4. Former address.

5. New address.

6. (New) telephone numbers.

7. Email address.

 Name changes must be submitted to our customer service, accompanied by appropriate legal documentation, such as a copy of a passport. Please note: in the event of mail being returned due to a change of address, it will only be forwarded to the new address, when advised.

 1.1.14 Travel Conditions

All InselAir flights are subject to the conditions of carriage, which can be found on the website of InselAir, www.fly-inselair.com.

 1.2      Registration

1.2.1 Individual Membership

Only one individual can apply for membership to the InselAir program.

1.2.2 Member Application
Every eligible individual who wishes to register with the program must do so him or herself. Anyone who registers with the program agrees to the terms and conditions set out in this document. By registering with the Insel StarMiles program, the member will automatically sign up for the InselAir newsletter, Insel StarMiles newsletter and the monthly statement.
To unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe button underneath the newsletter.

1.2.3 Minor

Dependent on parental or legal representation, the program will be solely eligible for individuals age 12 and up. When the individual is considered a minor he or she must have a parent or legal guardian present during registration. Parents or guardian of any minor, who agree to these terms and conditions are considered to have given their consents and have agreed to these terms and conditions. Unless InselAir receives a written objection by parent or legal guardian within 30 days after date of registration, the registration is considered final and complete.

 1.2.4 Refusal of Application

InselAir holds the right to refuse an application to any individual who does not meet the terms and conditions set out in this document.

 1.2.5 Cancellation

Any member can cancel his or her membership with the program by means of an e-mail or a written letter to any InselAir office or the main office of InselAir International B.V. in Curaçao or if applicable to the main office of InselAir Aruba N.V. in Aruba. Please state the date, reason for cancelling, member number, address and date of birth when sending the cancellation letter. A one month notice period is required. After the cancellation has been completed, the general terms and conditions will remain applicable.

 1.3 Program Compliance

Disqualification and Suspension of Members

InselAir reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to suspend or terminate any Insel StarMiles account and/or to disqualify anyone from participating or further participating in the Insel StarMiles program at any time. Members shall adhere to and strictly comply with all terms, conditions, rules and regulations applicable to the Insel StarMiles program and InselAir’s general terms and conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage and shall be courteous and respectful in dealing with any staff, agents or employees of InselAir.

 Any breach, abuse or misuse of any of the aforementioned and/or any Insel StarMiles benefits shall: entitle InselAir to forthwith suspend and/or disqualify such members from participation or further participation in the Insel StarMiles program and to cancel all previously accumulated Miles; be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies as may be available to InselAir, whether at law, delict or otherwise; and render the member liable for all legal costs and expenses as may be incurred by InselAir pursuant thereto.

This right includes the fraudulent acquisition of Miles. If InselAir determines that a flight ticket has been acquired by means of the Insel StarMiles program for which a passenger or member does not qualify or has inter alia been bought, sold, bartered, pooled or stolen, the Miles and or ticket will be cancelled, confiscated and not honored.

The traveler will be liable for payment of a full-fare return journey. Individuals selling or bartering Insel StarMiles may be liable for damages and litigation costs and their participation in the Insel StarMiles program may be terminated. InselAir reserves the right to audit and suspend any Insel StarMiles account until such audit is completed.

1.4 Privacy

1.4.1 Privacy Policy

InselAir endeavors to protect a user’s privacy. No personal information will be disclosed to third parties without the user’s permission or due process, however, InselAir may share personal information with business partners. InselAir gathers, and will be, in possession of the following private and personal information of users and passengers: Information provided by the user voluntarily - this information is used to provide a better service to users; and Information automatically provided (e.g. cookies) – this information is gathered to better your browsing and interaction with InselAir.

 InselAir may use the personal information to communicate with the user from time to time; Users may indicate if they do not wish to receive such communications; InselAir may use user’s information for non-personal statistical purposes; InselAir retains the copyright in databases of personal information of users; and InselAir may share user’s information with business partners for commercial reasons.

 More information regarding the processing and modification of your personal data by InselAir can be found in the General Conditions under the Privacy paragraph on www.fly-inselair.com.

 1.4.2 Security of Information

All reasonable steps will be taken to secure a user’s information. Users must take sufficient precaution not to divulge their user name and passwords or personal identification number to any other person. Should members divulge such information, InselAir accepts no responsibility for losses. It is expressly prohibited for any person, business, or entity to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any page on the InselAir website to deliver or attempt to deliver any unauthorized damaging or malicious code to the website. Any person who delivers or attempts to deliver any unauthorized, damaging or malicious code to the website or attempts to gain unauthorized access to any page on the website shall be held criminally liable, and in the event that InselAir should suffer any damage or loss, civil damages will be claimed.

1.5  Control


InselAir has the right to investigate, without prior notice, the account of a member to review if all terms and conditions, as stated in this document, are being followed accordingly. In the event a member is in violation of these terms and conditions, InselAir has the right to suspend the account until further notice. In the event an account is suspended, a member can still accrue miles. The suspended member is prohibited from any other activity or services which are offered within the program.

 1.6      Liability

1.6.1 Exclusion of Liability
InselAir will not assume responsibility to the member (or any person nominated by them for a reward) for any indirect, consequential or special damages, howsoever caused, whether arising from any act or omission of InselAir, or any third party for whom InselAir is vicariously responsible (contractually or otherwise). The company will make all reasonable efforts to inform the member as soon as possible in such case.

1.6.2 Limitation of Liability

Any claim a member of the Insel StarMiles program may have against InselAir may only be brought in the court of Curacao, or any other competent Court, which may substitute. All liability shall be lesser or limited to ANG 785, which may be disbursed by InselAir in its discretion, or by accrual of Insel StarMiles equivalent to the amount rewarded.

 1.6.3 Disclaimer

InselAir shall not be liable for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the use or inability to use the website or the services or content provided from and through the website. Furthermore, InselAir makes no representations or warranties, implied or otherwise, that, among others, the content and technology available from the website are free from errors or omissions or that the service will be 100% uninterrupted and error free.

 The website is supplied on an ‘as is’ basis and has not been compiled or supplied to meet the user’s individual requirements. It is the sole responsibility of the user to satisfy him/her prior to entering into this agreement with InselAir that the service available from and through the website will meet the user’s individual requirements and be compatible with the user’s hardware and/or software.

Information, ideas and opinions expressed on the InselAir website should not be regarded as professional advice or the official opinion of InselAir; they are intended to solely inform the users. All items purchased from InselAir are made pursuant to agreements with shipping and delivery agents and risk of loss pass from InselAir to such agents

Upon delivery of any item to such agents or its partners. Neither InselAir nor any of its agents or representatives shall be liable for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the use or inability to use any product sold on the website.

1.6.4 Postal and Courier Responsibility

InselAir cannot be held responsible for postal delays or for items lost or damaged during shipment.

Requesting a new card is upon payment of an administration fee of ANG. 25,-. 

2 Earn Miles

2.1.1 Earning Starmiles

Within the program a member will receive at least 500 miles for each leg flown with InselAir, except for the booked classes mentioned in article 2.1.3. Miles can also be purchased under certain conditions. For more information about buying miles check the StarMiles website (www.inselstarmiles.com). 


2.1.2 Tier levels          

The Starmiles program has 4 different tiers. Each tier provides its own benefits and services. For more information check the StarMiles website (www.inselstarmiles.com).

The below chart shows the number of miles and flights needed to upgrade to the next tier level or to attain your tier level.


Tier                              Tier Requirements          Tier Activity Bonus                  Tier to Tier Bonus


BASE                             On enrolment                                 0                                             0

SILVER                           25000 miles yearly,                     10%                                          0

                                       Or 20 flights yearly one way  


GOLD                             35000 miles yearly,                      25%                                          2000

                                       Or 30 flights yearly one way


 DIAMOND                      45000 miles yearly,                       0%                                          5000

                                        Or 45 flights yearly one way       


The miles counted for the upgrade to your next tier level and/or attaining your tier level are based on tickets booked in fare classes other than the booked classes mentioned in article 2.1.3. The miles won during the Raffle on Board program are also excluded. The flights counted for the upgrade to your next tier level and/or attaining your tier level are all one way flights flown except for flights flown with booked classes mentioned in article 2.1.3.


Silver, Gold and Diamond members earn extra bonus miles for attaining their tier level according to the percentages mentioned under Tier Activity Bonus. These miles are calculated in accordance to article 2.1.4.

A member who upgrades from Silver to Gold or Gold to Diamond also earns a one-time Tier to Tier Bonus.


2.1.3    Booking Classes

The following fare classes are excluded from receiving any Insel StarMiles, unless otherwise specified by InselAir Management:

V/I:       Discounted fare classes used during promotional campaigns
S:         Insel StarMiles Reward tickets

Also excluded are any “Sponsorship” tickets approved by the sponsorship committee. ( InselAir is currently not accepting any sponsor and/or Commercial Partnership request. )

 The fare class is always shown on the e-ticket of a passenger.

2.1.4 Tier Period

Year end tiering will take place at the end of every year for the 31st of December. “Soft-landing” will be applicable when tiering to Gold status. If members are within a 1000 miles of receiving a Gold status, they will be given this status automatically. The same rules apply to Diamond status. If members are within 2500 miles of receiving a Diamond status, they will be given this status automatically.


2.1.5    Raffle On Board

As of August 5th of 2013 InselAir started giving all the passengers a chance to win part or their ticket back in miles. The Raffle takes place on board of the aircraft and the wining amount of Insel StarMiles corresponds with the miles of the flight route at that moment. All Insel StarMiles amounts notified on board are with the reservation of miscalculations and/or typing errors. No rights can be derived from this.


Miles which are credited incorrectly by InselAir can be debited from a members account without notice.


Miles can only by accrued on flights operated by InselAir.

 2.1.8    Retro Claims

To avoid delays in crediting a member account, all members should provide their membership number when making a reservation. If miles have not been credited after one month of travel, InselAir customer service must be contacted immediately. InselAir will retro-credit flown miles for up to 4 months after the traveled date. Please note that retro-credit requests may only be submitted for flights on and after the day of active membership.

 2.1.9    Dispute

InselAir will take reasonable effort to credit a member his or her miles after a flight. If a dispute arises regarding the issuance of miles, it is the members’ obligation to present to InselAir all documentation, such as tickets or boarding passes, as proof when filling a retro credit application.


Flights that are cancelled or that cannot be operated by InselAir due to, but not limited to, external circumstances, such as extreme weather or safety reasons, will not generate Insel StarMiles for members.


A program member can only accrue miles if he or she has actually flown with InselAir.

2.2       Validity Miles

The validations of the accrued StarMiles per Tier have the following duration:

Tier                            Duration
Base                          Unlimited
Silver                         Unlimited
Gold                          Unlimited
Diamond                   Unlimited


The redemption of the accrued Miles will be in order of validity starting with the shortest period applicable for each Member.


2.3.1    Insel StarMiles member

The Insel StarMiles will be added to your account within 24 hours ( exception weekends )


2.3.2    No Insel StarMiles member

Please register at fly-inselair.com within 4 weeks after receiving the voucher. Insel StarMiles will be added to your account within 10 working days after registration. If you don't register, we cannot add the Insel StarMiles to your account.


2.3.3    Bonus Miles

The Bonus Miles that you have received are valid for six (6) months and will expire automatically. Make sure to exchange these Bonus Miles for a ticket before they expire. A summary of your Insel StarMiles can be found on your Insel StarMiles profile online (www.fly-inselair.com) after you have logged into your account.


2.3.4    Redemption Miles for Ticket

On your online Insel StarMiles profile you are able to redeem your Insel StarMiles. Insel StarMiles have no value if they are not used to redeem for an InselAir ticket. Tickets will only be issued if customer has sufficient Insel StarMiles. When Insel StarMiles have been redeemed for a ticket, only a date change is permitted for which a change fee will be charged. It is illegal to sell or auction off Insel StarMiles. If Insel StarMiles have expired you will no longer be able to redeem the Insel StarMiles. InselAir will not reinstate your Insel StarMiles after they have been expired. Per ticket, government charges need to be paid in order to receive your ticket. Please note that a ticket reservation is not a booked ticket and is not valid for entering the aircraft. Always make sure that you have a booked ticket prior to traveling. For questions or remarks please contact the Insel StarMiles Department at +599 973 70444, inselstarmiles@fly-inselair.com or visit our website www.fly-inselair.com. We advise you to review all Insel StarMiles Terms & Conditions online during registration.


2.3.5    Buying Miles

Members of the Insel StarMiles program can buy extra miles. Members can buy a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 60.000 Insel StarMiles per calendar year. Any purchased Award Miles will not count toward qualification for any increased or improved status in the Insel Starmiles Program and will not be considered as an extending activity with respect to the validity of the Award Miles in the Insel Starmiles Program. The price of the Buying miles is excluding taxes. For more information about buying miles check the StarMiles website (www.inselstarmiles.com).

3 Redeem Miles


3.1. Miles Needed

Select your departing destination on our reward page to find out how many Insel StarMiles you need for a Reward ticket. Please visit http://www.fly-inselair.com/en/insel-star-miles/insel-starmiles-rewards 
You can also buy additional miles to complete your trip. Each package of 500 miles will cost you $7
These buying miles can be bought at one of our ticket offices

3.2 Bookings

Reward bookings are subject to availability and cannot be waitlisted. Reward bookings may be made up to 300 days prior to departure, but no later than 3 business days prior to departure. All Reward travel must be completed within 12 months of the date of ticket issue.


3.3 Applicable Fees and Surcharges

Reward travel on InselAir is subject to the base fare of InselAir flights. Insel StarMiles members are responsible

1. Government tax(es).

2. Passenger facility charges.

3. Customs user and immigration fees.

4. Any other fees and surcharges applicable to reward travel.


3.3.1 Tax liability

Fees and surcharges for reward tickets must be paid with a major credit card at the time of the Insel StarMiles online reward booking or in cash at the InselAir ticket office when the reward is being ticketed. Tax liability: Tax liability associated with the use of Insel StarMiles rewards, if any, is the sole responsibility of the beneficiary.

 3.3.2 Refunds

Earned rewards and miles have no cash value aside from applicable taxes, fees and surcharges. Expedite and re-deposit charges are not subject to refund.

 3.4       Cancellation

In the case a Reward ticket is cancelled by passenger the following penalties apply:

 Tier % Miles Penalized*         

Base 25%

Silver 10%

Gold 0

Diamond 0

*this % will be deducted from the amount of Insel StarMiles needed for the cancelled reward ticket


3.5       Reservations

To redeem rewards on InselAir visit the Insel StarMiles profile page or contact the Customer Service Center at:

+599-9-737-0444 (Curaçao), +1-855-493-6004 (USA). Provide the agent with your member account number.

MON-FRI 0800-1700  
SAT-SUN 0800-1700


3.6 Open-Jaw Travel

Open-jaw travel also allows you to fly from a point of origin to a destination, and to return to your point of origin from a different destination. Transportation between the open-jaw cities is not provided. Reward tickets can be used for open-jaw travel.


3.7       Stopover

A stopover, defined as a stop longer than 24 hours at an intermediate point in a journey, on a reward ticket is not allowed.

3.8       Capacity Controls

Standard reward usage, including upgrade certificates, is subject to capacity controls. Capacity controls limit the number of seats available to reward tickets and upgrades. If seats in the special fare class allocated for reward/upgrade travel are unavailable you may request an alternative flight or date.

In the Low season InselAir has 10 seats and in the High season, 5 seats, available for our Insel StarMiles members on the FK50 for rewards and upgrades. On the Fokker the available seats for our Insel StarMiles members for upgrade and reward usages are 5 seats in low season and 3 seats in high season.


Low season:                 5 seats
High season:                3 seats

3.9       Sale of Rewards or Miles

Rewards or miles are property of InselAir and cannot be sold, bartered or purchased among members. Any reward or miles obtained in this manner will be void and is subject to confiscation. If such a trip has been started, any continuing transportation will be at the passenger’s expense. Rewards so obtained will not be re-deposited and miles paid for the reward will not be re-credited to the member’s account. In addition, all member miles in that account may be subject to forfeiture. Violators of these rules will be liable for damages, litigation and transaction costs.

3.10 Miles or Reward Abuse

Fraud or abuse of InselAir Miles or reward redemptions, including any use other than that originally intended for InselAir is subject to immediate administrative and legal action. This action may include membership termination and forfeiture of all accrued miles, reward certificates and tickets issued against reward certificates.

3.11     Rewards and Miles are not Members’ Property

Insel StarMiles rewards and miles do not constitute property of the member. Members have however the right to use a personal account with miles and rewards he/she has accrued, which are redeemed upon personal preference.

4 Other

 Conflicts and Ambiguities

The above terms and conditions apply only to the Insel StarMiles members travelling with InselAir. If there is any conflict between the terms and conditions of this program and any other terms, rules or regulations relating to passengers of InselAir, above terms will prevail for Insel StarMiles members.

 Insel StarMiles website

The rules and regulations as mentioned on the StarMiles website (www.inselstarmiles.com) also form an integral part of the above general terms and conditions.

Last updated on Monday, October 29th 2018