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1-stop flights

Flight CityPair Departure Arrival Duration Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Aruba - Curaçao - Bonaire Book
Flight #1
7I-402 AUA-CUR 08:45 09:20 35m Book
7I-404 AUA-CUR 13:35 14:10 35m Book
7I-406 AUA-CUR 19:20 19:55 35m Book
7I-408 AUA-CUR 21:40 22:10 30m Book
7I-408 AUA-CUR 23:35 00:10 35m Book
Flight #2
7I-301 CUR-BON 05:45 06:10 25m Book
7I-303 CUR-BON 09:35 10:00 25m Book
7I-303 CUR-BON 10:30 10:55 25m Book
7I-305 CUR-BON 16:20 16:45 25m Book
7I-307 CUR-BON 20:35 21:00 25m Book

The timetable above displays all possible flights between the chosen destinations. When you make a booking, your ticket will be based on the two flights with the best connection time. In case you want to have a longer lay-over time, please contact our Customer Contact Center or purchase 2 separate tickets.