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If you would like to make a group reservation please fill in the information below. Groups should consist of 15 passengers or more.  For groups smaller than 15 passengers please contact our Contact Center. Do you want to fly to and from destinations that are outside InselAir’s network? In this case you can also request a charter.

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  • Bonaire Curaçao
    USD 128 USD 100
    Travel period: 09-09-2017 / 26-09-2037
  • Curaçao Aruba
    ANG 357 ANG 299
    Travel period: 09-09-2017 / 26-09-2037
  • Aruba Curaçao
    AWG 354 AWG 299
    Travel period: 09-09-2017 / 13-07-2037
  • Curaçao Bonaire
    ANG 228 ANG 180
    Travel period: 09-09-2017 / 26-09-2037
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