Corporate Account

Becoming a Corporate Member has a lot of benefits!

InselAirs online Corporate booking tool 'A2A", is designed for corporate travel managers and travel agents. It offers easy booking to help organizations keep track of their travel expenses, employee and customer itineraries, and much more.

Company and traveler benefits

  • No set-up charges
  • 24-7 access to system
  • No booking fees
  • No administration fees
  • Access to our lowest fares
  • Corporate Insel StarMiles
  • Secure: password-protected website
  • Dedicated email support
  • Credit Card does not have to match with person travelling (in case of company credit card)
  • Choose from various payment options for your convenience

Corporate Insel StarMiles

Upon your registration you automatically enroll in our Corporate Insel StarMiles program which provides with even more benefits. Corporate Insel StarMiles and Insel StarMiles are a perfect combination. Companies will have the option to split the accumulated miles in 5 different ways as displayed in the table below. 

Option Organization earns Employee earns
1 100% 0%
2 75% 25%
3 50% 50%
4 25% 75%
5 0% 100%

For example you choose option 2, on a Curacao – Aruba trip, your organization earns 375 miles and your employee earns 125 miles. 

Company and traveler benefits

Redeem your miles for tickets and save on your travel expenses

Redeeming your miles for tickets is easy. Just send an email to and indicate for what route you desire to redeem your miles. We will check your balance and send you your ticket(s) after you have paid the necessary and required taxes. The amount of miles required per route is displayed below: 

Origin Destination Miles to earn one way Miles to redeem one way Miles to earn round trip Miles to redeem round trip
Aruba Bonaire  1000  10.000  2000  20.000
  Curacao  500  10.000  1000  20.000
  St. Maarten  1060  20.000  2120  40.000
Bonaire Aruba  1000  10.000  2000  20.000
  Curacao  500  10.000  1000  20.000
  St. Maarten  1060  20.000  2120  40.000
Curacao Aruba  500  10.000  1000  20.000
  Bonaire  500  10.000  1000  20.000
  St. Maarten  560  10.000  1120  20.000

Statement mailing
You will receive a monthly statement mailing so you are always up to date about your miles balance.

Retro claim your flights
Claim your unregistered flights. Update your Corporate Insel StarMiles account with tickets that were issued within the last four months.

Priority for your employees
Based on your 'split preference' your staff will accumulate miles on their own personal Insel StarMiles account. It's a win-win: the company has the benefits of the Corporate Booking tool and the traveler enjoys benefits in accordance with the Insel StarMiles program.

Get started today!

Once your account is set up, we'll email instructions on how to get started. We also provide your travel manager with a user ID and password to gain access. If you have any questions, please contact the Corporate Support Desk or sign up directly via:

t: +5999 737 4440 ext. 343