Discounted upgrade to Comfort Class

Discounted upgrade to Comfort Class (Uto)

Getting an upgrade to Comfort Class when you booked an Economy Class tickets is possible. You will save up considerably in comparison with the regular Comfort Class fares. And once upgraded, you will enjoy the fresh feeling of our excellent Comfort Class services.

To request your upgrade:

  • Book your Economy Class ticket.
  • Visit
  • Select Upgrade Travel Option (Uto).
  • Enter your Booking Reference, Last Name and E-mail to retrieve your booking information.
  • Select the flight which you would like to upgrade.
  • Pay a small Sign-up fee (USD3) and the nominal Upgrade Price** (to enjoy considerable savings compared to the regular Comfort Class fares).
  • You will receive an e-mail prior to your departure to notify you whether your upgrade was successful. If it is not possible to upgrade your flight, the Upgrade Price will be automatically refunded to you in full within five (5) business days subsequent to the flight's departure.

* Services may vary depending on airport of departure and flight length.
** Upgrades and Upgrade Prices are subject to availability and are constantly updated.