Insel StarMiles

What is Insel StarMiles 

Insel StarMiles is InselAir's frequent flyer program. You collect miles on every flight, with a minimum of 500 Miles per one-way. 
You can share Insel StarMiles with your family and friends, donate them to charity or use them for offered partner services. 

The Insel StarMiles program 
The program contains of 4 different tiers, rewarding our loyal customers with not just free tickets but also more and more services and benefits each tier. But also grants upgrading and free business lounge access for our Diamond members. Signing up is easy and fast and you will receive an Insel StarMiles membership card send to your home.

The Insel StarMiles program has 4 different tiers. Blue, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each tier provides more benefits and priority services such as priority check-in, priority boarding and priority baggage. 

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 StarMiles chart

After becoming an Insel StarMiles member, you will receive an e-mail from our Insel StarMiles department containing your program number. To start collecting miles, simply submit your membership number with each reservation, booking or at the check-in counter. 

'Tier miles', 'Base Miles' and 'Bonus Miles' 
The Insel StarMiles program distinguishes 3 different types of miles. Tier miles will help you move to a higher tier (Blue to Silver to Gold to Diamond), providing more services and benefits with each tier. The Base Miles are miles with which you can buy tickets, donate to charity or benefit from partner offers. InselAir raffles Insel StarMiles 
on board on most flights. Miles that are won during the raffle are Bonus Miles. Bonus Miles do not count towards a next tier level and have a validity of 6 months.

Earning Insel StarMiles 
Your miles will automatically be added to your account after each flight. Simply submit your member number during booking or check-in. 

Online services
You can check your Insel StarMiles balance anytime on our website and click on InselStarmiles Login. By simply using your Insel StarMiles membership number, you can log in to your personal account to check your balance, flight history and other details.

You can use your Insel StarMiles to purchase InselAir tickets. You can purchase tickets for yourself, your family, friends or anyone else. You can also donate miles to The InselAir Community Fund or to specially selected charities.