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Curaçao departure tax will increase

Passengers flying from Curaçao will have to pay more for their ticket from 1 January 2019. The airport tax will be increased for both departing and transferring passengers as of next year.

The fee on tickets goes up to $ 15 (was $ 10) towards Bonaire, to $ 30 (was $ 20) to Aruba and St. Maarten to $ 42 (was $ 39) to international destinations, including the Netherlands. Passengers in transfer pay $ 10 ($ 5) airport tax on Curaçao. The tax does not apply to children up to 2 years old.

According to the airport, the tax is included in the price by KLM, TUI fly, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, WestJet, Copa Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines and Divi Divi Air.

Who flies with another airline must pay the tax before departure at a special counter.