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Sunrise Airways and InselAir start cooperation

Haiti-based Sunrise Airways and Inselair will start cooperation on their mutual routes.

Sunrise Airways, founded in 2010, is a growing airline that operates flights out of their home base Port au Prince in Haiti to Curacao, Cuba (Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Camaguey) and Santo Domingo. These flights are operated by a comfortable Airbus A320 jet with economy and business class cabins. Additionally, Sunrise operates domestic flights between Port au Prince and Cap Haitien.


The cooperation will be implemented in two phases. During the first phase,  starting today, both airlines will sell tickets on each other’s flights. The second phase, about two months from now, starts when the reservation systems of the airlines are merged. As of that moment, passengers only need one ticket to travel between any of the destinations served by the airlines. Tickets for Sunrise destinations can be purchased at InselAir ticketoffices in Sambil and Hato Airport or via the callcenter (+5999-7370444).

Flight Schedule Sunrise Airways

CUR-SDQ    20:30-21:45
SDQ-CUR    22:30-23:45

CUR-PAP     06:30-08:00
PAP-CUR     18:00-19:30

CUR-HAV     06:30-11:00  Transit in Haiti
HAV-CUR     15:00-19:30  Transit in Haiti