Customer Service Plan

We promise
To provide safe, on-time and customer friendly services to all our customers. We focus on creating a great travel experience for you, being able to provide free food and beverages on-board, welcome you with a multilingual crew and have your first 23 kilo of baggage fly for free*

Delays, Cancellations or Rerouting of flights

Delays and/or Cancellations at time of departure

InselAir tries to limit the delays and cancellations of flights as much as possible. However In case of a delay, InselAir will inform its passengers within 30 minutes of becoming aware of a change in the status of a flight, and provide informational updates every 30 minutes. When there is a delay of more than 2 hours after scheduled departure time, InselAir will provide its passengers with food and beverage compensation of the amount that is in accordance to the (current) station’s regulations. In case of a flight cancelation, InselAir will provide its passengers safe accommodation overnight and tries to seat the passengers on the next available flight.

Delays and/or Cancellations before time of departure

If the delay, rerouting or cancelation of a flight is known before departure, InselAir will inform its passengers via the provided contacts in their ticket booking. If passengers booked via a travel agent, InselAir will contact the travel agent when no personal contacts are provided in ticket booking. Delays, rerouting or cancellation information will also be provided at the Check-In counter when necessary.


InselAir does not automatically overbook it flights. However, a situation can arise in which a flight is overbooked. In case of overbooking, InselAir will treat all affected passengers with fairness and consistency. Passengers will be rebooked to their destination on the next available flight. If in any case the passengers needs to overnight, InselAir will provide safe overnight accommodation.

Check-In Requirements

InselAir advises all passengers to check-in 3 hours before departure. The InselAir check-in counter will close 1 (one) hour before departure. InselAir does not make exceptions regarding the check-in closing times. Passengers who check in online and do not carry checked luggage can arrive at the airport 1 hour before departure. Passengers who checked in online, but carry checked luggage should arrive at the airport two hours before departure to drop off their baggage at any InselAir drop off point.

Boarding Procedure

InselAir starts boarding its flight 30 minutes before scheduled departure time. Passenger should be at the gate 30 minutes before departure to board the flights. To ensure the on time performance and not to punish passengers that reported to the gate on time, the gate will close 15 minutes before departure. InselAir will then proceed to offload missing passenger’s baggage and depart. 

Booking your flight

Fare availability

At InselAir, passengers will be provided the best available fare for their travel date and time, regardless of whether they book trough our website, ticket offices or through our telephone reservation system. Passengers are always allowed to ask for different booking class availability. Special sale or introduction prices are only available during specific time periods. All fares stated as a Sale or introduction price will be accompanied with specific booking and travel date regulations.

The fare quoted by InselAir through any InselAir sales point will be guaranteed until 23.59PM EST of the day of reservation, when reservation is made in the lowest class available, less than 6 days prior to scheduled departure date. If a reservation is made in the lowest class available, more than 7 days prior to scheduled departure date, the customer is permitted to hold the reservation for 24 hours without payment. This also applies to Sale and introduction priced tickets.

Refunds (Only applicable to US residents or US cardholders)

InselAir will provide prompt refunds to eligible passengers for their air travel, including all fees for optional services that the passenger was unable to use due to an oversale situation or flight cancelations. InselAir will always inform you accordingly. For tickets purchased from and to the US, InselAir will make refunds within 20 days of your received claim for cash and cheque payments and within 7 workdays within your received claim for credit card payment. Certain refund requests cannot be accommodated in the time frames discussed above. For more information on refunds or to claim a refund please fill in our customer relations form provided on our website. Refunds depend on booked ticket class.

Cancellations  InselAir charges the following cancellations and change fees:

General Penalties on ticket changes (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


InselAir works hard to ensure that your checked baggage arrives at your destination with you. However, if your checked baggage does not arrive with you, please contact our Customer Service Lost and Found desk, located at each InselAir destination airport. A notification will be made and InselAir will immediately start the process of retrieving your baggage. We will make all reasonable efforts to return your baggage within 24 hours, compensate you for reasonable expenses that result from the delivery delay and reimburse you for any baggage fees if your bag is lost. Baggage claims can also be made via our customer relations form provided on our website or at any InselAir office.

Passengers needing assistance

Traveling with children under 2 years old

If you are traveling with a child under 2 years all, you are allowed to bring the following on top of your regular baggage:

  • As carry-on: 
    • One (1) diaper bag with maximum weight of 5 kg (11lbs). The diaper bag should be able to fit under the seat in front of you.
    • One (1) FAA approved car seat OR one (1) FAA approved stroller removable seat:
    • Only possible in combination with booked window seat to place child seat on.
    • Not possible on front or back of emergency row, on emergency rows and aisle seats.
    • Please inform travel agent or call center upon making reservations.

Unaccompanied Minor Service (UM)

InselAir in certain circumstances allows children to travel alone on our flights. These children are called Unaccompanied Minors. Children 6 to 11 years are allowed to travel with InselAir under following conditions:

  • The UM service must be requested at time of reservation and must be confirmed by InselAir before departure.
  • Children must be 6 -11 years old to travel as an unaccompanied minor.
  • Children 12 years and older are considered Young Passenger (YP)
  • The unaccompanied minor service is available on all InselAir flights, with a maximum of 120 minutes transfer time in a transfer
  • destination, if necessary.
  • InselAir does not accept unaccompanied minors if they have a connection to or from another airline.
  • The child needs to have following documents with them at all times:
    • Passport
    • Ticket or Boarding pass
    • Telephone number of parents and the person meeting the child at the destination airport.
    • Emergency telephone number, if this is different from the number stated above
    • Home address
    • UMS forms provided by InselAir at check-in or here.

InselAir takes the welfare of your child very seriously in order to provide the best UMS possible we are obliged to receive the following information and forms upon check-in from the child’s parent or guardian:

  • Permission letter to take care of the child during travel (from check-in until meeting person to pick up the child)
  • Letter that identifies you as the child’s parent or guardian
  • Letter that identifies the person meeting your child at the destination airport and their relationship to you (i.e. family, friend)
  • Copy of your and the child’s Passport
  • Ticket or Boarding pass
  • Telephone number of parents and the person meeting the child at the destination airport.
  • Emergency telephone number, if this is different from the number stated above
  • Home address
  • UMS forms provided by InselAir, filled in and signed.

The assigned person to retrieve your child at the airport should carry following forms:

  • Permission letter from parent or guardian to pick up the child
  • Passport
  • Telephone number of parents
  • Home address of the child
  • This person must sign for acceptance of the unaccompanied minor

At check-in your child will be supervised by an InselAir representative, being ground personnel or cabin crew up until the child is at its destination airport. The child will only be handed over if the person they are supposed to meet is present with all documents. In case of delays and or cancellations, you will be notified.

Special aid

Wheelchairs can be checked-in free of charge on top of your regular baggage allowance. A maximum of three (3) wheelchairs is allowed on board. Wheelchairs MUST be requested at time of reservation. Passengers who requested special assistance at time of reservation, will be met at the check-in desk and will be escorted to the aircraft by an InselAir representative. On-board special assistance passengers will be seated in the front of the aircraft in Economy Class. If passenger wants to sit in the first row of the aircraft they are obligated to buy a Comfort Class ticket or an upgrade at the counter. Please inform your travel agent or the InselAir call center on your special aid service via +5999 737 0444 or 1855 493 6004.

Transportation of Service animals

All animals except for special service animals are required to be kept in a kennel or similar container that provides for the animal well being and safety and security of the other passengers and ground personnel. If the animal is transported in the cabin of the aircraft the kennel must be fit completely underneath the seat in front of the passenger’s assigned seats to be satisfaction to the cabin crew. Notification of animal transport, including service animals, must be made and accept by Inselair at the time of reservation and final acceptance of the animal is the sole discretion of the check-in personnel and ultimately the Captain of the aircraft whose judgment is final. Inselair shall not be liable for any expenses arising from an animal that is denied carriage.

Lengthy Tarmac Delays

InselAir is committed to operate a reliable schedule, aiming to provide our customers with an on time arrival and departure punctuality. In the unlucky event that our flights are encountering delays whilst passengers are on board (known as tarmac delays) due to safety considerations, weather, air traffic control, airport congestion, and/or other factors, we want to assure our passengers that all reasonable measures will be taken to make them feel comfortable under the circumstances. For more information visit the Tarmac Delay Plan

Consumer Problems

InselAir is dedicated to providing great customer service to all customers. Problems, questions, remarks, compliments and complaints can be submtted via the contact page. The Customer Relations Department is dedicated to respond to your email within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

Other Policies

Frequent Flyer Program

Insel StarMiles Insel StarMiles is the InselAir frequent flyer program. You collect miles on every flight, with a minimum of 500 Miles per one-way. InselAir also raffles one return ticket in Insel StarMiles on each flight* making it possible for you to earn back your ticket, every time you fly. You can share Insel StarMiles with your family and friends, donate them to charity or use them for offered partner services. The Insel StarMiles program  The program contains of 4 different tiers, rewarding our loyal customers with not just free tickets but also more and more services and benefits each tier. But also grants upgrading and free business lounge access for our Diamond members. Signing up is easy and fast and you will receive an Insel StarMiles membership card send to your home.

Insel StarMiles additional charges

Diamond Member Upgrade

Upgrade Fee US$50

Only when seats are available

Sharing, Gifting, Reactivating Miles

Free of charge

Buy a ticket with Miles

With miles you can buy tax-only tickets. Only taxes need to be paid. The amount of taxes depends on route, date and time.

Visit Insel StarMiles General terms and Conditions, to ensure that you have read and understand all terms and regulations of our frequent flyer program

Contact Insel StarMiles

When you contact Insel StarMiles, a dedicated Insel StarMiles agent, who can provide information and a helping hand, will answer your email. For remarks, questions or compliment concerning the Insel StarMiles program feel free to contact our Insel StarMiles department. You can contact the department via the contact page.