Earning and redeeming miles

To avoid delays in crediting a member account, all members should provide their membership number when making a reservation. Please note that retro-credit requests may only be submitted for flights on and after the day of active membership. Within the program a member will always receive at least 500 miles for each leg flown with InselAir, except when flown in the V, I and S class. Silver, Gold or Diamond tier members earn bonus miles for attaining their tier level and bonus miles every time they fly.

On your online Insel StarMiles profile you are able to redeem your Insel StarMiles. Insel StarMiles have no value if they are not used to redeem for an InselAir ticket. Tickets will only be issued if customer has sufficient Insel StarMiles. Per ticket, government charges need to be paid in order to receive your ticket. Please note that a ticket reservation is not a booked ticket and is not valid for entering the aircraft. Always make sure that you have a booked ticket prior to traveling. For questions or remarks please contact the Insel StarMiles Department at +599 973 70444, inselstarmiles@fly-inselair.com. StarMiles can be spent only on flights of InselAir. StarMiles has no blackout dates.

Below a map for 7i that indicates the amount of miles per flight.

 Please note that amounts are based on one-way.