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InselAir fee's

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Change/Cancelation Policy

InselAir allows travel agents to void tickets within 24 hours of ticketing. Outside 24 hours, InselAir will assess a change penalty fee for all voluntary changes (see table). It is the travel agent's responsibility to properly inform the customers of additional fare collections, restrictions and fees associated with any changes. For InselAir, changes or cancellations may be made prior to scheduled departure date for the applicable change fee per person, plus any difference in airfare. If a reservation is not changed or cancelled prior to scheduled departure, all money associated with the ticket is forfeited. Travel agencies should process their own ticket reissues, as this will allow them to maintain control of the ticket. InselAir will not be issuing waiver codes for voluntary changes or cancellations and nonrefundable fares should not be submitted for refund via the ARC/BSP settlement process.

No Show Policy

If a customer does not cancel their flight prior to scheduled departure time resulting in a no-show, the ticketed fare is forfeited.

Contact Information

  • Reservations and Information (general public and agencies) email:
  • Interline and travel agent support email:
  • Questions about Insel Starmiles:
  • Complaints:

Schedule changes

InselAir makes every effort to avoid schedule changes where possible; however they can occur and may have an impact on your traveler's plans. In the event of a schedule change customers are allowed adjustments per schedule change. For any other subsequent changes made to the reservation and ticket, all fees and increase in airfare will apply.

Ticketing authority

To become an authorized agent to sell InselAir tickets, a U.S. travel agency must be fully accredited with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). All ARC accredited agencies are automatically granted authority to validate on InselAir stock. International Agents must be accredited with IATA and participate in the local Bank Settlement Plan (BSP). BSP travel agencies requesting ticketing authority must email InselAir with the following information:

  • Subject Line: Request for Ticketing Authority
  • Email body: BSP country, Agency name, IATA number
  • Email:

InselAir will grant ticketing authority as we deem appropriate, and has the authority to remove it should an agency not comply with all InselAir policies and procedures.

Agent discounts

InselAir offers travel agents the opportunity to travel based on positive space (POS) to any InselAir destination. Tickets may only be used by Travel Agents. Discount of 75% is based on our Y–fare. Discount is subject to availability and travel period. Please send your request to: Our Sales department will email you within 5 business days of receiving your request.

Interline partners

InselAir has several interline and code share partnerships and is continuing to grow. When booking and issuing tickets on an interline itinerary with InselAir and one of our airline partners it is expected that the tickets be plated according to the current IATA Passenger Service Conference Resolutions Manual (PSCRM) and/or the current IATA Ticketing Handbook. InselAir interline partners include: Air Berlin, KLM/Air France, Winair, Hahn Air, TACA, TACA Peru, LACSA, GOL.

Seat Assignment

InselAir is pleased to offer travel agents and their customers the ability to assign a specific seat using the Interactive Seat Map and Pre Reserved Seat functionality offered by the GDS. Contact your GDS help desk if you need information on how to use this functionality. Currently seat assignment cannot be offered for any InselAir Aruba (8I) flight.

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