Travel information

Important messages

For Venezuelan travelers:

Are you in the possession of an InselAir (7i/8i) ticket issued on/after 03 February 2016 and for travel on/after 03 February 2016? Please note that all passengers departing from Venezuela will have to pay the (1) Venezuela Airport Departure Tax, (2) Airport Exit Tax and (3) Luxury Tax at the check-in at the airport (InselAir no longer collects these taxes). 

Please note that for credit cards issued by Venezuelan institutions, the Cadivi restrictions/conditions apply. It is not allowed to purchase airline tickets online with these credit cards. In case of breach of these restrictions/conditions we will proceed in cancelling the tickets immediately.

For Haitian travelers:

Please note that for technical reasons it is currently not possible to purchase tickets on our website with credit cards issued by Haitian banks. We are working to resolve this technical issue. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

For all travelers:

Please note that for verification purposes you may be requested to present the credit card used in this transaction to our check-in staff upon check-in.