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Visum requirement for Haitian travelers to Surinam

Effective 15th of September 2016, Haitian Nationals travelling to Suriname will need a visa to enter Suriname.
Haitians can apply for a visa at the Suriname Consulate in Port au Prince, Haiti. Application time 4-6 weeks.

A partir du 15 septembre 2016, les Ressortissants Haïtiens voyageant à Suriname auront besoin d'un visa pour entrer à Suriname.
Les Haïtiens peuvent demander un visa au Consulat de Suriname à Port-au-Prince, Haïti. Temps d’application 4 à 6 semaines.

A pati 15 Septanm 2016 la, tout ayisyen kap vwayaje al Sirinam ap bezwen yon viza pou yo rantre Sirinam
Ayisyen yo ka mande viza nan Konsila Sirinam ki nan Pòtoprens , Ayiti. Pwosesis la ka dire 4 a 6 semèn.

Yellow fever

Information in regards to entry requirements for certain InselAir destinations in regards to yellow fever can be found here.

For Venezuelan travelers

Are you in the possession of an InselAir (7i/8i) ticket issued on/after 03 February 2016 and for travel on/after 03 February 2016? Please note that all passengers departing from Venezuela will have to pay the (1) Venezuela Airport Departure Tax, (2) Airport Exit Tax and (3) Luxury Tax at the check-in at the airport (InselAir no longer collects these taxes).

Please note that for credit cards issued by Venezuelan institutions, the Cadivi restrictions/conditions apply. It is not allowed to purchase airline tickets online with these credit cards. In case of breach of these restrictions/conditions we will proceed in cancelling the tickets immediately.

Check-in in Venezuela: check-in counter in Venezuela closes 2 hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure time.

For Jamaican travelers

Jamaican travelers (Jamaican passport holders) traveling to Aruba and Bonaire need to be aware of the following information.

For all travelers

Please note that for verification purposes you may be requested to present the credit card used in this transaction to our check-in staff upon check-in.

Pregnant travelers

When a passenger is pregnant for 6 months or more, she is required to hand over a medical certificate from the doctor. At 8 months of pregnancy the passenger will be denied boarding.US


US-passengers travelling from USA to Venezuela must be in the possession of a valid VISA in order to enter Venezuela.
US-passengers travelling from USA to Brazil must be in the possession of a valid VISA in order to enter Brazil.

Online ED Card

The Curaçao Tourist Board and the Immigration Department of Curaçao launched the ED- Card (Embarkation & Disembarkation Card) which is accessible online via The ED-Card is a requirement for all visitors to the island of Curaçao. the ED-Card grants immigration clearance and contains personal details of the traveler. As of today, the ED-Card can be filled out online, and upon arrival, immigration personnel will scan and match the traveler’s passport with the submitted online ED-Card in the Secured Border Management System. The ED-Card Form must be filled out and submitted online 24 Hours prior to departure to Curaçao. The online ED-Card submission is confirmed through a confirmation e-mail of the completed online registration.